Lunch and Learn Seminars: Tools, Strategies and Resources

Sample topics:

From Conflict to Collaboration: The Parenting Framework You've Been Searching For 

Parenting gets more complex as a child grows. Kids become challenging and parents, often without a road map, can resort to shouting and imposing consequences in reaction to difficult behavior. Collaborative Problem Solving is a powerful, effective and compassionate parenting approach that helps parents to relate better to their kids, reduce challenging behavior and build their kids' skills in self-regulation, communication and problem solving. 

​Learning How to Juggle as a Working Parent...and Feel Okay About Dropping a Ball
Parents are expected to work like they don’t have a family and parent like they don't have a job. This is not reality and makes the working parent feel like they can do nothing well. Parenting often means “dropping the ball.” This presentation provides tools to juggle more effectively and explores the opportunities that arise when a ball is dropped. 

5 Crucial Parenting Goals and How Best to Pursue Them

Most of us have thought generally about our goals as parents and we hope our parenting approach is helping us to achieve them. But what if it’s not? Or what if we’re not clear on our goals in the first place? Learn about 5 important parenting goals and evaluate 3 common, but very different, parenting approaches on how well each achieves the 5 goals. Come away with a clearer sense of how you want to parent and to what end.

Why We Shouldn’t Strive to be a Perfect Parent...Even Though Our Culture Keeps Telling Us To!
You strived to do well in school. You’re ambitious with your career. You want to do your best. So why wouldn’t you want to be a perfect parent? The short answer is that because being perfect is actually harmful to relationships. This presentation discusses how not being perfect helps your child learn how to deal with frustration, self-soothe and be securely independent.

Self Care: Why Helping Yourself Helps Your Child and Your Career

It often feels selfish when we take care of ourselves instead of finishing up a project at work or spending time with our child. But sometimes it is necessary to put yourself first so you don’t burn out, feel resentful or get overwhelmed. Self care is vital and this presentation teaches you how to identify burn out behavior and resentment traps, and to learn new ways of supporting and advocating for yourself. When you are feeling grounded, not frazzled, you can give your work and your family your best you.​​

Expectant Moms: Planning for Maternity Leave
To support and help ease the transition into maternity leave, it is imperative that an expectant mom plan for her leave and the transition back to work.  These often overlooked communications need to be shared with colleagues and managers so that the expectant mom feels comfortable with her time away and the expectations for her return.  Planning tools and resources are also discussed so that soon-to-be-moms can create a unique plan for themselves and their family before the baby arrives.

​Training Managers to Effectively Manage an Employee's Maternity Leave (for managers)
Becoming a mom changes all aspects of a woman’s life, but managers often don’t know how to handle this major life event as it relates to the workplace. While managers may have best intentions, they may not have the skills or the information to properly start conversations about the transitions before and after maternity leave. Yet, as managers, they are in a crucial position to help an employee transition back to work successfully. In this workshop, managers will be given tools to help start and continue conversations around maternity leave.